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Runes of War: The Book of Torra Alta, Book 1

The Runes of War

Torra Alta is under attack.

Threatened by a new ice age, the barbaric tribes of the vast Northern Trunda join forces under the bloody rule of warrior chief Morbak to form the Vaalakan army. As they set out to achieve dominion of the world, only the frontier castle of Torra Alta stands in their way.

For a thousand years Torra Alta has stood triumphant and unconquerable, perched on a pillar of rock where dragons once had their lair. As Baron Branwolf prepares his defences, ominous sounds emerge from the labyrinth of dragon-built tunnels beneath the castle. Against the baron’s orders, his son, Caspar, accompanies the party despatched to seal off the tunnels. When Caspar discovers an ancient dragon’s hoard of treasure, the magical light of a moonstone proves too tempting and Caspar takes it.

But alas, it is no ordinary moonstone – it is the Druid’s Eye, and if it falls into the wrong hands, Morbak will be invincible. Only the long -abandoned Runes of War can save Torra Alta, and only Caspar with his newfound power, can find them …

The Book of Torra Alta by Jane Welch
The Lost Runes by Jane Welch

Runes of War: The Book of Torra Alta, Book 2

The Lost Runes

Caspar travels South into Belbidia with his companions Hal and Brid, straight into the heart of the New Faith, the enemy of Brid’s Goddess. The trio trail Vaalakan spies, seeking out the Druids Eye – the Egg- in all its glory. The Eggs power alone can keep the fortress of Torra Alta safe.

But in the land of the Inquisition, all trace of ancient lore has been stamped out, including a sect of mute priestesses known as the Keepers. As the fate of Torra Alta hangs in the balance, Caspar must race to find the Lost Runes the Keepers guarded, or the Eye may never be found …

Runes of War: The Book of Torra Alta, Book 3

The Runes of Sorcery

Whoever holds the Egg controls the ancient animals of power: kraken, wyvern, and dragon. Whoever cracks the Egg unleashes these monsters on the world, unrestrained and beyond the control of anyone alive…

Three young Torra Altans, Caspar, Brid, and Hal, are closing in on the immemorial hiding place of the Egg. Strange wild beasts that sense their purpose follow close behind. From Yew Wood to Lake of Tears, spices and enemies pursue them. The Mother Goddess has promised that once the Egg is brought to their ancient home in the North, the starving hordes of Vaalakans besieging the castle will be driven back.

But creatures of legend desire to be real, and time is running out.

The Runes of Sorcery by Jane Welch
The Lament of Abalone by Jane Welch

Runes of War: The Book of Önd, Book 4

The Lament of Abalone

Three years on, the fate of Torra Alta and Belbidida hangs in the balance once more.

Caspar has become entranced by the evil of the Druid’s Egg, and so is sent, with Brid, to find orphan wolflings which the dying Morrigwen declares are vital. Hal is sent to the neighbouring country of Ceolothis, as part of an escort for the Princess Cymbeline who is to marry Belbidia’s king.

Runes of War: The Book of Önd, Book 5

The Bard of Castaguard

Deadly wolves attack throughout the kingdom of Belbidia, while the king’s wife-to-be has been kidnapped. For both of these, the Barony of Torra Alta is blamed. The heroes must face magic and blood in their quests to avenge the wrongs done to them and restore the Trinity of priestesses.

The Bard of Castaguard by Jane Welch
The Lord of Necrond by Jane Welch

Runes of War: The Book of Önd, Book 6

The Lord of Necrönd

Last volume of the Book of Ond. After the events of “The Bard of Castaguard”, the young lords of Torra Alta must fight the evil in themselves as well as those who – through deadly steel, treachery or magic – seek to destroy them and the entire kingdom. The trinity of priestesses must be reformed.

Other books in the series coming soon.

Dawn of a Dark Age by Jane Welch
The Broken Chalice by Jane Welch
The Allegiance of Man by Jane Welch